Agorsor Equity

Investing with local, regional, and national capital partners

Fund Management

Agorsor Equity directs funds into targeted alternative assets as an investment sponsor or active asset manager.

Portfolio Management

We manage investments in our portfolio to achieve results with minimal risk


Providing essential homes for families and creating stable communities

Investment Strategy

Specifically tailored investment strategies for corporate partners that align returns with a targeted mission

Market Research

We conduct extensive data driven research to identify investment opportunities in securities

Risk management

Consistently mitigate risks in our portfolio of mission-aligned funds through active identification and assessment


Capital allocation for innovations in energy, transportation, and emerging distribution technologies

About Us

Agorsor Equity is a privately held investment company

That has invested in alternative asset classes in real estate, infrastructure, life sciences, growth equity and social sustainability since its founding in 2012. Agorsor Equity invests directly and with local, regional, and national capital partners in diversified high-barrier income-producing industries that deliver long term appreciation of invested equity and debt capital. The firm makes equity investments that seek to preserve or improve the economic vibrancy of communities by adhering to a disciplined approach focused on listening first, reflection, and execution.